Alberto Gómez Toribio

CEO at Coinffeine, Co-Founder at NevTrace

After working as a software developer for government agencies such as the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and the Supreme Court, private firms such as Sony Entertainment and Telefonica R&D and leading large Big Data projects for companies such as Stratio, I created Coinffeine, the first Bitcoin startup in the world owned by a large bank: Bankinter.

Coinffeine is the first company to explore banking business models based on Blockchain technology.

I currently work as CEO and developer at Coinffeine.

I also work as a technical and business expert for financial institutions; developing products based on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

My expertise has led me to collaborate with entities such as the New York FED, the European Commission, the House of Representatives at Spain and Europol, among others.

We believe the Blockchain might be the next disruptive technology. Many applications of this technology will emerge in a near future, in different areas (Financial Services, Bigdata, Internet of Things, Identity...). NevTrace helps you to understand its possibilities and to take adventage of this new opportunities. To go beyond Blockchain.