Jorge Ordovás

Financial Services responsible at Telefónica, Co-Founder at NevTrace

Former consultant and developer, I've been working for 15 years as senior project manager at Orange (former Amena) and Telefónica, leading IT Services Development in different areas (Mobile Value Added Services, Payments, Security, eHealth, Energy...)

Payments expert, taking part in Mobile Payments industry since year 2000 (with Mobipay launching, first mobile payment system in Spain), and further technology evolution to NFC-based wallets. I am also involved in Card Payments market, being responsible for SNCP and PCI-DSS Level 1 Payment Gateways for more than 7 years.

We believe the Blockchain might be the next disruptive technology. Many applications of this technology will emerge in a near future, in different areas (Financial Services, Bigdata, Internet of Things, Identity...). NevTrace helps you to understand its possibilities and to take adventage of this new opportunities. To go beyond Blockchain.