Eddy Travia

Eddy Travia is the co-founder of Seedcoin, a global Bitcoin startup virtual incubator helping Bitcoin and Blockchain startups in the development of their services and products around the world since mid-2013. Seedcoin startups include wallets, exchanges, trading platforms, payment processors and software companies.

Eddy has been living in China and Hong Kong for the past ten years where he has managed private equity investment funds focusing on Greater China. Eddy completed the Stanford Financial Engineering program in Hong Kong and has extensive experience in private equity, deal structuring, due diligence supervision and advising foreign funds and angel investors investing in emerging markets. He was introduced to bitcoin by Seedcoin’s co-founder Hakim Mamoni and anticipated a wave of entrepreneurial ventures to come. He soon decided to focus on funding and helping startups in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. He enjoys working with diverse and talented entrepreneurs relentless in their quest to develop the best services for their clients. He shares their passion and a common vision of the disruptive potential of the blockchain technology to transform our society.